So you are ready to take your business online but don’t know where to start? If you have done some online research you have probably come across Magento as one of the leading platforms for building an Ecommerce store. Why should you choose Magento over other ecommerce packages though? Let’s take a look…

Exclusively built for Ecommerce

Whilst other popular shopping cart systems such as WooCommerce are built around an existing content management system, Magento has been built specifically to accommodate Ecommerce. This means that all its key features such as payment processing, invoicing, customer and stock management have been specifically designed with the end user in mind.

Scalability to grow as you do

Magento is scalable, adaptable and dependable. Whether you are starting out small and dreaming big, or you have a thousand products straight off the bat, Magento can handle a near unlimited amount of products and configurations.

Magento has many options for creating your products just the way you want them — from single items to customisable and configurable products with multiple size, colour and style options, Magento can handle even the most complicated of product setups with ease.

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Third-Party integrations made simple

Not only do you get Magento’s powerful out-of-the-box functionality, you can also take advantage of an ever-expanding plugin database. Magento is an open source platform, meaning that the code behind it is free for anyone to alter, improve and build upon.

Want an integration with MailChimp? Done. Want to push you sales in to Sage or Quickbooks? Simple. Want to advertise your products on Google or Facebook? Sorted. If you have an idea for your Magento shop, you can be sure that there is a developer out there with a plugin that fits your needs.

Multi Store and Multi Channel

Magento’s intuitive administration system means that you can run multiple storefronts, or multiple websites from one backend system. This means that you could have brand or market specific websites set up, but use the descriptions, images and stock inventory from one central location.

With the powerful M2E Pro extension you can also sell your products across multiple channels including eBay, Amazon and Rakuten with the touch of a button. Learn more about Multi-Channel selling.

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Built for better performance

Whilst the core of Magento features tens of thousands of files, it is built to be lightweight and is focussed on performance. With an advanced, custom built caching system, Magento is one of the best performing ecommerce platforms on the market.

Search engine friendly

Whilst having an ecommerce website is the first step in getting your business online, getting found when people search online is the key to driving traffic and getting the boost you need. Magento features a wide range of SEO tools to help with search engine optimisation.

Featuring well-formatted page, category and product URL’s, Magento is also built around the latest web standards. This, coupled with a new format called microdata, are some of the foundations of a good search engine optimisation structure.

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