Multi-Channel Selling

Expand your business, reach new markets, and ignite your sales. Multi-channel selling allows you access to millions of consumers. Our experience in developing and maintaining custom Magento ecommerce sites with the powerful M2E Pro multi-channel plugin will make sure you make the most of your global potential. With everything managed from your own site, you’ll have complete control.

Sell your products on Amazon, eBay & Ratuken

Manage Inventory & Stock from one control panel

Automatic syncing of inventory and sales

Access to millions of customers worldwide

Advanced reporting and analytics

Experienced Magento and M2E Pro specialists

Greater visibility. More sales. Better control.

This is what Multi-Channel selling can do for your business.

Here at Dancing Badger we specialise in delivering custom-designed Magento ecommerce websites with powerful and efficient M2E Pro channel integration.

This means you can list your products easily and quickly on Amazon, eBay and Ratuken — and manage all your sales channels and inventory easily from one place, with full synchronisation.

Thanks to the powerful flexibility of Magento, we can also integrate your site with your existing accounts or CRM systems if required. Making it easy for you to sell more products and grow your business.


M2E Pro is a multi-channel ecommerce plugin that was originally designed – as its name suggests – to link Magento stores to eBay.

It’s now developed into a powerful and comprehensive integration solution, and is used by thousands of retailers and top brands.

What does this mean for you?

Multi-channel selling, made easy. Fully integrated sales through Amazon, eBay and Ratuken, centralised inventory control and scalable listing management that will enhance your business, and boost your turnover.

Automatic syncing of inventory and sales across channels means you save time, reducing admin and improving your efficiency and customer service.

And did we mention it’s all controlled from one place? Your website.

Increased reach, reduced risk

Through full and seamless integration with Amazon, eBay and Ratuken, you’ll enjoy access to millions of new potential customers worldwide.

Amazon is one of the world’s largest retailers. eBay alone has over 90 million active members, and has grown to become the most popular shopping destination online. While Ratuken also provides access to over 100 million members worldwide. That’s a big audience.

Expanding your business across multiple channels not only opens up the potential of millions of new customers, but also reduces risk, too. New and diverse sources of revenue means less dependency, which means less risk of failure should anything go wrong with your sales channels.

Maximised sales potential

Reaching new customers can be tough for both new and established ecommerce retailers. Having access to the world’s largest marketplaces, with full control over pricing, inventory and channel development means that you can optimise your business for maximum sales.

Centralised stock and order management

Enjoy synchronised inventory and order management through eBay, Amazon and Ratuken, and control it all simply and effectively in real-time through your own Magento site store.

Every order created through external channels is automatically fed into your Magento website. This means that every order on Amazon, for example, will have a corresponding order created automatically within Magento.

It also means that all your inventory and product catalogue information can be controlled directly from your Magento site, with the data then updated automatically on your chosen channels.

Enjoy complete ownership and centralised control across orders, inventory, customer data, product strategy, pricing and reporting.

Improved strategy

Use the power of data to outsmart your competition.

With comprehensive and accessible customer data, you can analyse your sales performance to further enhance your selling strategies, marketing, and customer journey experiences to give your business the extra edge it needs to succeed.

Let Dancing Badger help you take your business global.

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