New Website Launch: Bulkgear Engineering

Dancing Badger are happy to complete the website for Cullompton firm Bulkgear Engineering. Working with Bulkgear, we have redesigned their existing website, as well as overhauling the main content throughout.

Dancing Badger Launch New Website for Magdalen Direct

Dancing Badger have completed the re-branding of Magdalen Direct, a subsidiary of Magdalen Chambers. The new website falls in line with the design of their main website, consolidating the brand and giving a direct link between the two sides of the business.

Lady Margaret’s Medieval Hall Launch New Website

Lady Margaret’s Medieval Hall is a unique and intimate wedding hall in Honiton, Devon. Dancing Badger are happy to announce the launch of their new website.

Relaunch of Spencer Cobby Commercial Photography

The team at Dancing Badger Ltd have been working with Spencer Cobby Commercial Photography on a redesign and relaunch of his new website. The website has been redesigned from the ground up to be quicker, more lightweight and more streamlined, getting users to the information they want in the quickest way possible.

Kynaston Auto Services launch new websites

Kynaston Auto Services came to us looking for a brand new website for the Auto Services side of their business, as well as a redesign for their sister company, Kynaston Autobodies. Whilst the original website was an amalgamation of the two sides of the business, Kynaston now have 2 separate websites targeting each side of the business individually.

Dancing Badger Redesign Temple Cottage

Temple Cottage is a lovely picturesque 300 year old cottage in Port Issac, Cornwall. Dancing Badger were tasked with creating a website which was a step up from the old design whist still maintaining the simplicity and elegance that the cottage presents.

Welcome to Our Website

Hello and welcome to Dancing Badger Ltd! We are very proud to launch our new website and in particular our blog. What will we be posting about? A number of things that we think are important. Such as: industry news; important software developments; and any goings on in the world of Dancing Badger. We will also be posting about new projects, and interesting add-ons and plugins that we would like